I may not be a person you know,
By this text I'll try to show.
You can't read everything about me though,
I'm not a saint, got my own halo.
Some times I'm low,
To reach my goal I stand on my tiptoe.
I'm like the sound of an echo,
Fading with an interesting flow.
A little bit everyday as human I grow,
And hope it will continue so.
Sort of a black widow,
But not killing any of my bro'.
Think I know where in life I want to go,
'cause I have a star to follow.
Someday it may be me that glow,
And always front-row.
My will, my wish, it makes me blow,
Will they be real, yes or no?
Of all this text I get dizzy and all slow.
Over and out, yo


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